Riverside DMV Hearings Attorney

Do you face an important hearing at a California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) court after an arrest for drunk driving?

You should have experienced defense representation in your corner — aggressive advocacy that makes a difference, from lawyers you can trust.

The DUI and DWI defense attorneys who work hard to prevent a client's loss of license — and loss of your rights — can be found in Riverside at the Law Offices of Catherine A. Schwartz.

Penalties for driving drunk range from substantial fines and community service to jail time and suspension of driving privileges. You can depend on our full-service law firm to attend to every detail in building a strong defense and pursuing the kind of favorable outcome that puts your legal crisis behind you.

Are You Facing California Driver's License Revocation Or License Suspension?

Catherine A. Schwartz and her associates use a team approach to carefully monitor all deadlines, and ensure that you are in full compliance with California DUI law throughout the process. The circumstances of your drunk driving arrest will be carefully examined for any sign that law enforcement overstepped its bounds — and that in fact your blood alcohol content was below "the limit" at the time you were stopped.

During the administrative phase of your case, we use our command of the facts and knowledge of your rights to negotiate skillfully on your behalf. If necessary, we are fully prepared to defend your interests in court.

Prosecutors Are Not In Charge — We Are — Contact Catherine A. Schwartz

To increase your chances of avoiding a revoked license at your DMV hearing in California, contact the skilled defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Catherine A. Schwartz. Call to — 951-335-0510 . Your email is responded to promptly. We offer evening and weekend appointments.