How Domestic Violence Affects Custody

Child custody disputes can be especially emotional when one parent accuses the other of domestic violence. Charges of physical, emotional or sexual abuse can dramatically impact how the judge decides where the children should live following their parents' divorce.

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Domestic Violence And Child Custody In San Bernardino, California

Whenever a California family court judge creates or approves a child custody plan, the law requires him or her to consider the child's best interests first and foremost. Clearly, it is never in a child's best interests to be put in danger of physical, sexual or psychological abuse. If the court finds, based on the evidence, that one of the parents perpetuated domestic violence against the child, one of the child's siblings or the other parent within the past five years, there is a legal presumption that the abusive parent cannot get sole or shared custody.

Parents accused of domestic abuse may have a difficult time getting shared custody, but they still may have parental rights. For example, it may still be possible to retain supervised visitation time with the kids.

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