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A child born to an unmarried couple can present legal complications in the future. Assumptions of parentage are made when children are born into a marriage or domestic partnership. However, same-sex partnerships must be taken into consideration. The complexity of determining paternity or parentage is not something to handle without the help of a seasoned attorney.

A San Bernardino Paternity Lawyer Helping To Establish Parentage

Establishing parentage of a child in California can be formalized when unmarried parents sign a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity following the birth. If the document is signed after the birth of the child and the issuance of the birth certificate, a new birth certificate will be issued. Once filed, a judge can order custody, visitation and support.

At the Law Offices of Catherine A. Schwartz, we acknowledge the emotional elements involved in establishing parentage, particularly when disputes exist. Mothers who were not married at the time of the birth and failed to have the biological father sign the Voluntary Declaration of Paternity need aggressive representation. If the alleged biological father disputes parentage, court-ordered blood tests are conducted.

Riverside paternity action lawyer Catherine A. Schwartz also represents fathers who want not only a formal acknowledgment of a biological link, but also quality time with their children. Regardless of gender, we are dedicated to getting to the facts in paternity cases.

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