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Divorcing parents are responsible for financial support during the divorce process. While child support amounts are determined by set calculations, the best interests of the children should be foremost in the minds of parents. In divorce and relationships that end where there was no marriage, they are the unseen and unheard victims.

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Child support amounts depend on multiple factors that include:

  • Both custodial and noncustodial parents' incomes
  • Tax filing status of the divorcing parents
  • Additional financial obligations
  • Amount of time each parent spends with the children
  • Occasionally, the standard of living enjoyed before the divorce

While support amounts are determined by computer calculations, the data can still be disputed. Income and expenses reported by self-employed spouses and those who own businesses may require more in-depth investigations. At the Law Offices of Catherine A. Schwartz, we team with forensic accountants to ensure that the factors calculated for child support are accurate.

While you likely do not want to be involved in the divorce process, we strive to minimize the adversarial nature and pursue the best outcome on your behalf. Experience has allowed Riverside child support lawyer Catherine A. Schwartz to streamline the process and expedite your child custody matter and other aspects of your divorce.

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