Riverside Juvenile Dependency Attorneys

The damage from allegations of child mistreatment, abuse or neglect goes beyond loss of custody or criminal consequences for accused parents. Separation from their mothers and fathers can have a detrimental impact on children, leading to future issues that can take the form of juvenile delinquency. Immediate legal counsel is paramount to protect your rights and build a strong, fact-based defense.

A Compassionate San Bernardino Juvenile Dependency Lawyer

One report to law enforcement agency can lead to your child being removed from your home and become a ward of the court. At the Law Offices of Catherine A. Schwartz, we are dedicated to staying at the side of parents, working through a complicated and challenging system with the goal of reuniting them with their children.

Months and years can go by before a child is reunited with their parents. Immediate action can help them emerge from a complicated and bureaucratic system.

Dedication And Experience From A Riverside Juvenile Delinquency Lawyer

Since 1992, juvenile defense attorney Catherine A. Schwartz has represented juveniles arrested for various crimes. A child speaking to police officers compromises their rights and bolsters the chances that prosecutors will get a conviction. Ms. Schwartz understands that a child's future is at stake based on a lapse in judgment. She also brings insight into the opposing side and its tactics as a former public defender. Her goal is rehabilitation of the minor, not punishment that leads to a child getting lost in the system.

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