Riverside Parental Relocation Attorney

When a parental relocation, child relocation or "move away" after a divorce threatens to disturb a child custody or visitation routine — and harms "the best interests of the child" — our team of skilled family law attorneys has the experience you can trust to get positive results.

In Riverside, the lawyers of the Law Offices of Catherine A. Schwartz are fully dedicated to accomplishing your legal goals when a relocation must be requested or contested, sought or fought.

Catherine A. Schwartz founded our skillful, compassionate family law firm for one reason: to help individuals, couples and families who struggle with decisions such as parental relocation and post-judgment modifications of divorce settlement agreements.

Are You Requesting Or Contesting A Child Relocation Out Of State? The Law Offices Of Catherine A. Schwartz Can Help

Reasons for parental relocations include:

  • A former spouse's remarriage
  • Business or military transfer
  • A serious illness or injury that can only be treated in another state
  • Job-seeking

The dark side of a requested parental relocation is when a former spouse suspects a co-parent of moving a child out of state without a valid reason — an action that could amount to child abduction. If you believe that your former husband or wife is trying to keep your child from you, or alienating him or her from you, contact us to discuss your suspicions during an initial consultation.

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