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People 50 and older are increasingly choosing to divorce

Californians of any age might decide that their marriage is no longer working and choose to get a divorce. However, researchers assess statistics to determine which age groups are more prone to divorce. The age of the couple could have a significant impact on a variety of issues such as spousal support and property division.

Top reasons why women seek to end their marriages

Women in California and throughout the country are more likely to initiate a divorce compared to their husbands. According to research from the American Sociological Association, there are several reasons why this is this case. One key one is that a woman's role in the business world is evolving faster than a woman's role in the home. This means that women are more likely than their spouses to both work full-time and do the majority of the household chores.

What to do about early IRA distributions in a divorce

"Grey divorce" is the name given to the phenomenon of divorce among older people, and it is on the rise as the rate among younger people is falling. Retirement accounts may be a particularly valuable asset for older couples in California, and they may need to be split in a divorce. This is usually a fairly straightforward process with an IRA, requiring only a divorce decree. With a 401(k) and some other types of accounts, a complicated document known as a qualified domestic relations order is needed.

Why some couples sign postnuptial agreements

Couples in California may be interested in learning about postnuptial agreements. These legal documents are similar to prenuptial agreements, but they are signed after a couple is already married. The goal is to protect any assets that are acquired during the marriage in case a future divorce occurs.

Tips for getting through a divorce

Divorce can be one of the most stressful things a person goes through in life. For some people, it can be like a death. People need to allow themselves to mourn. Afterward, it is possible to heal from a divorce and come out happy on the other side.

How to talk about and create a fair prenup

Signing a prenuptial agreement can be an important step for some California couples. A prenup can offer financial protection in case of a divorce and make the process of property division less painful. However, it is important that both individuals are involved in creating the agreement and that it satisfies both of them.

Why prenuptial agreements are beneficial for some couples

The last thing that most couples in California want to talk about after getting engaged is a prenuptial agreement. However, it is a necessary conversation. It can help the couple to set expectations as to the kind of financial partnership they intend to share once they get married.

Financial challenges in divorce

When couples in California divorce, both spouses often have significant concerns about the future, including finances, children and where they will live during and after the legal process. While these concerns may appear to be similar in many ways, the truth is that women and men may prioritize or experience these issues differently.

Holiday co-parenting after divorce

When parents in California divorce, issues surrounding the children are often a matter of concern. Parents are usually required to work together to co-parent their kids, and this kind of collaboration can be particularly difficult over the holidays.

Ways to approach investments in a split

When divorce happens later in life, as some California couples have learned, there might be investment and retirement accounts that make the process of dividing assets more complicated. Additionally, the division of some of these investments might trigger penalties and taxes that can be avoided. Finally, the way these assets are divided can have an impact on financial stability post-divorce.

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