Riverside Homicide Defense Attorney

When violent crimes occur, arrests are made and homicide charges are filed, criminal defendants need experienced representation throughout every phase of the legal process.

Are you facing murder charges in Riverside County or San Bernardino County?

If so, you could benefit from the aggressive advocacy of criminal defense lawyers you can trust — the Law Offices of Catherine A. Schwartz in Riverside.

The Law Offices of Catherine A. Schwartz bring more than 30 years of experience to your side as you attempt to avoid conviction for murder, and the harsh punishments that await — a lengthy prison term (25 years to life under California’s three-strikes law), substantial fines, a criminal record, separation from loved ones, damage to reputation and a host of other negative impacts.

For murder charges or an arrest for any violent crime, from gang activity to armed robbery, from domestic violence that can trigger homicide to the violation of a protective order, our law firm has the dedication, responsiveness, resources and personal service that can turn your life in a positive direction.

At the Law Offices of Catherine A. Schwartz, prosecutors are not in charge. We are.

Our team approach to your legal issues means intense investigation of circumstances leading to the homicide; careful inspection of the constitutionality of police behavior during the arrest; skillful negotiations with prosecutors in jurisdictions where our law offices are well known; and forceful litigation that persuasively spells out your side of the story.

If a trial is necessary in state court, Catherine A. Schwartz and her associates work hard to hold prosecutors to their burden of proof. She uses evidence, eyewitness accounts and the concept of “reasonable doubt” in arguments that resonate with judge and jury alike. When your work together has concluded, you will know that your rights have been protected.

Contact the Law Offices of Catherine A. Schwartz to arrange your free initial consultation. Our number is 951-686-8190. We give prompt attention to your email message. Evening and weekend appointments are available by appointment.