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Being a co-parent after a divorce

California parents who are considering divorce should know that separating can be a very difficult process. Even after the divorce has been finalized, there are likely to be situations related to the kids that may be difficult to handle. However, the co-parenting relationship should be all about looking after the best interests of the children.

Communication through texting can help in co-parenting

Most California parents have learned that communication is one of the keys to successfully raising a child. The age-old problem has been how to remain in contact after a divorce, especially when distance prohibits face-to-face contact. According to some researchers, modern communication techniques could provide a solution.

Shared custody is better for children of all ages

There is still a question for many as to whether children, especially infants and toddlers, do better with just their mother having sole custody or with the father and mother having 50-50 joint custody. Prohibitions have previously been given on young children spending overnight time under the care of their fathers. California residents may be interested in knowing more about the latest understandings of child development in connection with child custody.

Child custody matters may hinge on where a parent lives

Judges in California and in most other states will scrutinize a parent's living situation as part of a child custody proceeding. They will generally look to see that they have enough space for the child and live in a part of town that is safe. If a parent has multiple children, he or she should have sufficient space for each child. Sufficient space is partially based on the child's age and gender.

How divorced parents can make the holidays easier for their kids

Holidays can be stressful, and divorce is tough. When the two are combined, both parents and children may suffer. If the separation or divorce is new, a family may be dealing with difficult emotions such as fear, loss, sadness and betrayal. However, California parents can still take steps to help their children enjoy the holiday season.

Parallel parenting as an alternative to coparenting

People in California who are getting a divorce might be unable to co-parent effectively because they cannot get along well enough for that. However, they can still practice parallel parenting. This is when both individuals still manage to spend time with their children without being involved with one another as parents. People who successfully practice parallel parenting generally do agree in general on large issues, such as a child's religion and education.

Birdnesting can be in a child's best interest

After a divorce, it is important that parents focus on the best interests of the child. In California and throughout the country, a trend called birdnesting has attempted to ease the burden that children may feel after their parents get divorced. In such a scenario, the child will stay in the family home while the parents will rotate between that home and an apartment.

How unmarried fathers can get visitation rights

Biological fathers in California have a legal right to access to their children, but they might need to take some steps to establish that right. First, it may be necessary to establish paternity. While this may simply involve signing an acknowledgement of paternity, in disputed cases, it could involve DNA testing.

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