Riverside Ex Parte Emergency Hearings Attorney

In California, an ex parte application consists of a request of a court to make an emergency order in the event that harm may come to someone in a family.

Typically, one kind of emergency would involve either a child custody matter or the prospect of domestic violence, spousal abuse or child abuse. The court could also step in for situations of child relocation or removal, or if a child was in imminent physical danger.

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During her more than 30 years of family law experience, attorney Catherine A. Schwartz has participated in a number of ex parte emergency hearings, and the granting of temporary restraining orders for parents who relocate or threaten to abduct a child.

Quality Representation For Ex Parte Emergency Hearings After Domestic Violence In California

Other emergency hearings can be granted due to evidence of physical abuse within a family, including attacks on a family member or child; an emotionally unstable parent’s inability to care for a child; homelessness; substance abuse; suicidal threats; or child neglect.

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