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Through an expungement, you can withdraw a plea of guilty or no contest, replacing it by entering a plea of not guilty. While not completely a clean slate, it does allow certain job applicants to state that they have never been arrested or convicted of a crime. For many who have turned their lives around, it represents a fresh start.

At the Law Offices of Catherine A. Schwartz, attorney Catherine A. Schwartz treats her clients with dignity and respect regardless of the allegations they face or the crimes they have committed in the past.

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An expungement is a legal maneuver allowing you to state that you are relieved of your responsibility to disclose a prior arrest and conviction. You have to be one year out from the date of your conviction or have successfully completed probation. Probation terminated early by the court would qualify you as well.

While some jobs will allow you to avoid “checking the box” on an application, you must reveal this information if you are pursuing a career in law enforcement or applying for a state license.

An internet search can still reveal court records that are part of the public record. Your original arrest and conviction are not erased. In counseling clients following a successful expungement, Riverside expungement lawyer Catherine A. Schwartz prepares them for the possibility of answering questions about an arrest and conviction. While there are still challenges, expungement is your best chance at starting over.

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