When CPS Gets Involved

California’s child protective services (CPS) generally acts very quickly to remove children from a home it deems unsafe. Parents have little time to assert their rights, but it is possible to mount an aggressive defense with the help of the Riverside-based Law Offices of Schwartz & Godbey.

The Child Removal Process In California

Once CPS has reason to believe that a household is unsafe for children, its agents will conduct a brief investigation before obtaining a warrant to take away the kids. Often, parents are not aware of what is happening until CPS agents knock on their door.

Once the children are removed, CPS must place them in a new home. The law gives priority to family members such as grandparents, but in reality, most of the time CPS puts children into foster care.

The next step is the detention hearing, where CPS tries to convince the judge to declare the children dependents of the court. If CPS prevails, the parents lose their rights over the kids indefinitely.

However, it is still possible to reunite parent and child. Catherine A. Schwartz knows what it takes to defend parents’ rights and do everything possible to prevent the children from being permanently left in the foster care system or adopted.

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