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Arrest rates in the US continue to increase

Statistics show that the number of arrests for petty crimes is increasing in California and across the nation. This has caused concern with some justice reform advocates because being arrested and convicted of a crime can cast a major shadow over a person's life, reducing their income and limiting their options.

Arrest rates show that young people today are much more likely to be arrested than their grandparents. One study suggests that Americans between the ages of 26 and 35 are 3.6 times more likely to be arrested by 26 than their grandparents. Statistics show that 6.4% of individuals in the United States born before the year 1949 have been arrested. However, 23% of those born between 1979 and 1988 have been arrested. And the arrest rate continues to rise with younger generations.

Co-parenting isn't easy when you and your ex don't get along

If your marriage is heading for a breakup, you may have justifiable concerns about protecting your child from the potentially damaging effects of a divorce. Children are intuitive, and you may find it is difficult to hide from them when you and their other parent are not getting along. In fact, if you and your spouse are harboring deeply negative emotions toward each other, you may wonder if co-parenting will even be possible.

Fortunately, there are ways you can deal with the complications co-parenting may present when your relationship with your ex is heated and hostile. It will be critical to keep your children's wellbeing in mind constantly when you interact with your ex, and you may have to take some drastic steps to protect yourself and your kids during this difficult adjustment period.

Tips for making the divorce process less difficult

The American Psychological Association says that around half of first marriages end in divorce. This means that many California couples will go through this difficult process at some point in their lives, but there are actions and mindsets that can make it less difficult.

Family and friends may offer valuable emotional support, but in some cases, people might want to consult a therapist. Exercise can also provide stress relief since it releases mood-boosting endorphins. Getting out and doing activities with other people helps with creating new memories that do not include the soon-to-be former spouse. For some people, throwing themselves into an activity offers a valuable distraction. This could be parenting, a hobby, a career, volunteer work or anything else that helps fill the space left by the end of a marriage.

Most felonies are nonviolent and many are bizarre

California residents may think of felonies as violent crimes like homicide, rape and arson, and they may be surprised to learn that an individual could be branded a felon for innocuous behavior such as making an unusual noise in a post office or handling a crate of foreign primates without first donning waterproof footwear. Even calling in sick just to get a day off is a felony in some situations.

The House of Representatives recently attempted to rein in the burgeoning number of federal laws, but the Congressional Research Service told the Overcriminalization Task Force that it did not have the resources or manpower to even compile a list of every felony on the books. This is a list that includes inadvertently wandering into a restricted area while out hiking.

Why younger people are opting for prenuptial agreements

In a new survey from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 62% of family law attorneys said that they've seen an increase in prenuptial agreements over the past few years. Slightly more than half said that the increase was largely because of millennial clients. There are several reasons why younger people in California are more likely to want prenuptial agreements. For instance, they have fewer tangible assets and get married later in life. Furthermore, both parties to a marriage are likely to earn money regardless of gender.

While millennials are not likely to own homes, they are likely to own stocks or stakes in startup companies. It can be difficult to determine the value of a company until it goes public or until some other later date. Therefore, a prenuptial agreement can help to protect their interest in that asset regardless of how much it is worth at the time of a divorce.

Thinking of relocating? Remember your custody order

If you took away one lesson from the recent changes in your life, it may be that you cannot predict how things will turn out. One day you and your spouse were exchanging vows and choosing names for your new baby. The next thing you know, you are dividing your assets and arguing over custody schedules.

You may have made many changes and decisions since your divorce. However, if your next big decision involves moving with the children to another area of California or out of the state altogether, you may have some roadblocks to face with your ex-spouse.

California's DUI laws may leave you struggling

If you recently experienced the shame and confusion of a drunk driving arrest, you have many things to consider as you prepare for your upcoming court appearance. From the first instant police pulled you over, you probably felt the possibility that this moment could change your life, and you were right. As a result, you may be tempted to accept a plea or just plead guilty to get the ordeal over with quickly.

However, you would be wise to discuss your situation with an attorney before taking such a step. A drunk driving conviction can have long-term effects. You want to be sure you have every opportunity for the most positive outcome possible, and this includes protecting your rights and examining the evidence against you.

The many reasons couples aren't happy

It is generally thought that married couples in California and throughout the country are happiest at the beginning of their relationships. While this is true for most couples, this is not the case for everyone. Furthermore, not all couples experience a decline in satisfaction in their relationships as they progress. This was according to a study conducted by individuals from the University of Georgia and the University of Texas.

The study followed 431 low-income couples in Los Angeles County over a period of five years and tracked their marital satisfaction over that period of time. It found that 60% of those couples were highly satisfied with their marriages while only 10% had a low level of satisfaction. According to the data, those who had high levels of satisfaction were likely to retain that happiness over time. However, those who had low levels of initial satisfaction were most likely to see a further decline over time.

Understanding what is real and what is not about splitting up

Couples in California whose marriage is ending need to understand the difference between the reality of divorce and the myths that often result in more tension. Understanding these differences is important as they begin the divorce process and life post-split up.

The end of a marriage means that many things will change. This can include their standard of living, where they live and how often they see their children. However, something that might not change are the arguments that led to the divorce. Some people think that a divorce can ease the arguments and tension, but in some cases, these continue to happen as both move into their life post-divorce. Similarly, each person in the couple should accept their responsibility in their breakup, as usually there is some degree of fault in both people in a couple. Not doing this can lead to divorce if they remarry, as the person never took the time to accept the reality of what went wrong and their role in it.

Common reasons for summer divorces

Couples in California may be more likely to get a divorce in August than during any other time of the year. A study from the University of Washington found that this was the month in which divorce rates peak, and some attorneys back this up with anecdotal evidence.

There are several reasons for summer divorces. One explanation is that some couples think they can work on their marriage over the summer. This is often unsuccessful, and in some cases, it can even add more stress. The emphasis on family bonding can highlight the problems in the marriage. August is often when the children head to college, and facing an empty nest, couples may go ahead with the divorce they have been putting off for years.

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