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What kind of visitation order is right for your family?

Divorce is especially complicated when parents decide to go their separate ways. In addition to dividing your property, you and your spouse will also have to figure out child support and custody agreements. However, neither custody or child support orders cover visitation schedules. A judge will order a visitation schedule when you or your spouse does not have physical custody. There are also four different types of visitation. Do you know which kind is right for your family?

What to do if Child Protective Services appears

It’s the visit no parent wishes to receive. Child Protective Services (CPS) is at the door and wants to speak to you concerning your child. It’s reflexive to become defensive or fearful when this happens. Knowing how to respond appropriately when emotions are high can improve your chances for coming out on top in your case.

Practical matters after the divorce is final

When California couples decide to divorce, the financial effects can be some of the most significant and long-lasting. The end of a marriage has a number of emotional and practical consequences, and it can be a grueling process on multiple levels. However, after the divorce is finalized, there can still be matters that need to be dealt with quickly in order to avoid further confusion and problems. This is especially true for changes to financial and other paperwork that can only be dealt with after the divorce has been handled in court.

The divorce decree itself is not sufficient to divide marital assets; in many cases, people must follow through to make sure that property division is handled efficiently and within the guidelines of the law. One of the first steps that people may need to deal with is changing their health insurance. People who were on their former spouse's policy must now secure their own. A divorce is a qualifying life event for changing an insurance policy, but it is important to act before illness or injury strikes.

Facial recognition tech to prevent crime raises privacy concerns

When California residents are shopping in stores, they might expect to be seen on security cameras. Modern technology is enabling store owners to go one step further by recording and sharing images of shoppers in an effort to prevent theft. Facial recognition technology is hailed by some as a major breakthrough in crime prevention, but critics say that unrestricted use of the technology is an invasion of privacy.

There are currently no federal laws restricting the way that customers of facial recognition software companies can use it. For store owners, the goal is to log photos of shoplifters so that these individuals can be barred from the store. However, the technology also allows uploads and sharing of data to other store owners.

Being a co-parent after a divorce

California parents who are considering divorce should know that separating can be a very difficult process. Even after the divorce has been finalized, there are likely to be situations related to the kids that may be difficult to handle. However, the co-parenting relationship should be all about looking after the best interests of the children.

One way to make the best of a co-parenting relationship is to keep both households engaged with the children's lives. While the marriage may have ended in a divorce, this doesn't mean the end of the parent-child relationship. An exception would be if one parent exhibited abusive behavior toward the children.

Divorce can come with technological changes

Technology affects all areas of life, and this is definitely true during the divorce process. As Californians come to rely on digital accounts/online assets for much of their communications and even financial planning, these items become particularly important for the present and the future. In addition, devices like smartphones have become central hubs for all key information about a person. During a divorce, it can be important for exes to think about how to adapt their use of technology to fit their new realities.

Of course, one of the most important things that people can do during a divorce is to change their passwords. This does not mean locking a spouse out of shared bank accounts and other vital information during the divorce, but it is smart to change passwords for email accounts and messenger systems or the passcodes to access a smartphone. While many couples share this type of information, it's often wise to change passwords after ending the marriage. Even passwords that need to remain shared before the finalization of the divorce, such as those related to a joint mortgage or other marital property, should be changed after the divorce if one spouse is keeping those accounts.

What a person will spend on a divorce in 2019

The cost of a divorce can play a major role in whether a person chooses to end a marriage. In 2019, the average divorce cost about $15,000 per individual, and the average divorce case lasted at least four months. However, a divorce can last for more than a year if it has to go to trial, and its length can play a role in how much it costs to go through with it.

Generally speaking, ending a marriage costs less when there are fewer issues to work out. For instance, if parents agree about child custody matters, it may take less time to approve a parenting plan. If a former couple agrees about how to divide property or either party receives alimony, it can take less time to resolve the matter. However, fees may still apply even if the divorce is uncontested.

Growing number of youth subject to arrests

Young people in California are more likely to bear the brunt of the criminal justice system. Indeed, based on a recent study from the RAND Corporation, Americans under 26 are far more prone to have been arrested than older people. While Black men have long been subject to disproportionate arrest rates, the arrest rates of women and white Americans are growing the most quickly, according to the report.

Arrests are linked to fairly significant negative effects throughout a person's life. For example, convictions can be connected to a lower probability of marriage and lower income over time. In addition, the researchers noted that increased enforcement was a likely cause of this trend. They said that the criminalization of young people is affecting Americans of all races and genders. The study was drawn from data in one study that has gathered information about American families for 50 years. It is considered to be representative of 95 percent of the general populations. During the study period, researchers said that the arrest rate for white males had almost tripled.

Communication through texting can help in co-parenting

Most California parents have learned that communication is one of the keys to successfully raising a child. The age-old problem has been how to remain in contact after a divorce, especially when distance prohibits face-to-face contact. According to some researchers, modern communication techniques could provide a solution.

Successful co-parenting may lie in increased use of texting and social media to open the channels of communication. In a recent study involving 400 post-divorce families nationwide, the researchers determined that frequency of contact was a determining factor in a noncustodial parent remaining active in a child's life. The study looked at other factors, such as parenting style, but found it was inconsequential. Research was limited to children between age 10 and 18.

How tax returns reveal financial secrets

During divorces that take place in California or any other state, it is possible that a spouse could try to hide assets. This could be done to keep them from being divided in a divorce settlement. It is also possible that an individual is looking to reduce the amount of spousal or child support that he or she would need to pay. Those who suspect that a spouse is hiding assets should look at that person's tax return.

This may provide evidence of secret accounts or other schemes intended to downplay his or her true financial situation. For instance, a Schedule D will show any capital gains or losses from the past year while a Schedule B will list any dividends earned. If a spouse owns a business, he or she may try to shift money to that company or obscure what the money was used for.

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