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Assault & Battery Attorney Riverside

If you have been arrested and charged with assault by Riverside police, contact the Law Offices of Schwartz & Godbey as soon as possible. Your best chance at fair treatment by the criminal justice system is to retain the services of one of our aggressive criminal defense attorneys.

Effective Assault And Battery Defense Lawyers For San Bernardino

We treat each client with the respect and dignity they deserve, regardless of the charges they face. An arrest does not mean you have been convicted. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to get the charges dropped or significantly reduced before trial. If not, we are always prepared to mount a tough and persuasive defense before the jury.

Assault And Battery Defined

Though people often use the words “assault” and “battery” interchangeably, they are actually two separate crimes. In California, simple battery is force intentionally used against another person’s body. Aggravated battery is a more serious charge and usually involves the use of a gun or another deadly weapon, or a battery committed during another felony, such as a robbery. Meanwhile, an assault is an attempt to commit battery, such as by throwing a punch at someone but missing.

Stand Up For Your Rights

Assault and Battery

You have rights. Our lawyers will make sure the police, prosecutors and judges respect those rights. Our lead attorney, Catherine A. Schwartz, has practiced criminal defense in the Inland Empire for more than 30 years.

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