One of the most important factors in choosing a family law or criminal defense attorney is the attorney’s experience. An attorney who is just out of law school is not going to be as knowledgable about local court rules and procedures, nor will they be as familiar with the court judges, staff, and attorneys. An experienced attorney who is seen every day in local courtrooms and is respected by judges and fellow counsel is far more effective at getting results than someone who is just out of law school. Judges also tend to favor an attorney who practices primarily in their local court, rather than some “big-shot” attorney from another area.

Experience leads to a comprehensive knowledge of the law, an ability to know what is in the best interests of the client, and the confidence to fight aggressively for those rights. Without an experienced attorney at your side, the judge may not even listen to your side, and simply defer to the opposing party who has legal representation. It is in your best interest to hire a skilled and experienced attorney who will represent a strong and commanding voice for you in court. It is your choice what attorney you choose, and an attorney with decades of experience fighting for clients in court can make all the difference.

Our attorney has over 20 years of experience in the areas of family law and juvenile/criminal defense matters. Contact an experienced Riverside and San Bernardino attorney today for a free consultation.