Couples in California should understand how both age and the economy can affect divorce rates and what to do if a divorce is imminent.

While California couples should feel positive about the fact that a report from rates California as number forty-four out of fifty for divorce rates in the country, there is still no shortage of people facing this challenging life experience in the state. According to the data, 9.6 percent of people in California are divorced. The states with the lowest rates of divorce are New York and New Jersey with 8.5 percent of the population being divorced.

Contributing factors to divorce

When considering divorce and what can affect it as well as what issues arise through the experience, several things can come into play. Regarding factors that may contribute to divorce, it is no surprise that money and financial struggles can put strain on marriages. However, while some people may believe that this means that marriages are more at risk of divorce when the financial picture is dim, that may not necessarily be true.

A good way to look at this is to reflect upon the most recent recession in our country. Over the few years that our nation struggled financially the most, the divorce rate actually dropped. This led many people to declare that the recession was actually good for marriages, forcing people to band together during difficult times rather than being torn apart.

A sociologist from the University of Maryland has a different perspective on matters. Using research, this sociologist points out that once the economy began to turn around, so too did the divorce rate. This is used by the sociologist to indicate that people did not necessarily strengthen their marriages during the recession but rather simply put off getting divorced until they could once again afford it. The cost of divorce plus additional expenses such as spousal support could not have been affordable by people during the recession.

The impact on age in divorce

Divorce is never easy but the Huffington Post notes that when retirement accounts are part of a divorce property settlement, couples should pay special attention to what choices they make. This can be of special concern if getting divorced at or near the age of retirement. This is because there are fewer years for people to make up any losses for retirement.

What should divorcing couples do?

People in California who are considering divorce should always contact an experienced divorce lawyer. Getting help when navigating the division of property and plans for retirement is important.