Divorce is a very difficult process. When it becomes apparent that a relationship will not endure, it is very hard for splitting couples to deal with the situation. What should one do? What should a party not do? When divorce is the answer, the following tips can help alleviate some of the stressful issues common to the end of a marriage.

Consider mediation. Mediation is a more collaborative and hands-on approach. Parties can control the process, and it is much faster. Moreover, the resolution form is also more cost-effective. While mediation may not be the answer, it should at least be considered at the start of the process – especially when parties can be amicable. A divorce attorney can help participants with this process.

Move quickly. The longer a couple treads in divorce matters, the further apart they drift. This makes the process even more complicated and stressful. Moreover, a longer divorce could equate to a more expensive dissolution settlement. Therefore, participants should work with a seasoned legal professional, who ensures that proceedings do not lag behind.

Look forward. If a couple keeps looking back, it will be hard to move on in the future. Of course, it takes time to digest that a marriage is coming to the end. Nevertheless, it helps to look ahead. This can keep the future bright and more positive after the proceedings are complete.

Do not place loved ones in the middle. Those in the process should aim to keep friends and family out of the equation. Placing others in the middle of the dispute creates more animosity and divisions within the process, which could ultimately affect children. Of course, divorce is emotional. It is okay to ask for support; however, the resolution should be controlled by the parties, alone – not family and friends. Parties should not create sides, lose sight of the matter or encourage the development of further issues.

Avoid social media. Many Americans are addicted to electronic devices. Yet, in a very emotional period, it is helpful to avoid social media platforms. Facebook and other sites can create more problems and resentment. This is especially true if one splitting party has begun a new relationship with someone else.

Be knowledgeable. The divorce process is not just emotional – it is legal. There are several complexities, which include children, finances, assets and more. To ensure the divorce agreement is in accordance with desired wishes, parties should work with a legal professional to flesh out the details. It is very difficult to modify a divorce settlement, and a lawyer can help ensure that positions are asserted correctly the first time.

If you would like to learn more about the divorce process, speak with a qualified family law attorney in your area.