Corona Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence is an unfortunate reality for many people living in the Corona, CA, area. Every year, thousands of California citizens experience domestic violence. It can be incredibly damaging and traumatic for anyone to experience violence at the hands of a family member or member of their household. Additionally, domestic violence often generates very complex legal proceedings, and navigating these cases is much easier with reliable legal counsel on your side. Suppose you or a loved one recently experienced any domestic violence. In that case, a Corona domestic violence attorney is the best asset you can have on your side as you determine your legal options going forward.

Corona domestic Violence Attorney

Legal Representation for Corona Domestic Violence Cases

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Schwartz & Godbey offer both family law representation for victims of domestic violence and criminal defense representation for individuals accused of domestic violence. If you have been victimized by domestic abuse, our team will help you secure the legal protections you need to protect yourself and your family from further harm. Additionally, suppose you have been wrongfully charged with domestic violence in Corona, CA, or face criminal prosecution for a misunderstanding. In that case, our team can offer the robust defense counsel you need to approach your case with confidence.

Why Should I Hire a Corona Domestic Violence Lawyer?

Domestic violence cases are inherently emotional legal matters that draw upon various complex aspects of California law. Therefore, navigating your case will be much easier with a supportive and experienced Corona domestic violence lawyer on your side. Your legal team will help you gather the evidence and testimony you may need to prove the severity of your experience, and they can also help you prepare for the problematic legal proceedings your case is likely to entail.

It is essential to have legal counsel you can trust if you want to prove your innocence or reduce your sentence when you know you have broken the law when it comes to criminal defense. A conviction for domestic violence could lead to incarceration, fines, restitution to victims, and a loss of your parental and constitutional rights, depending on the severity of the situation. In addition, many domestic violence cases arise from wrongful accusations. If this applies to your situation, you need a defense attorney who can help you prove the truth of the situation in question.

Ultimately, a domestic violence case has the potential to influence the rest of your life no matter what side of the case you find yourself on. The team atthe Law Offices of Schwartz & Godbey is committed to providing comprehensive, client-focused, and compassionate legal counsel to every client we represent. Our firm has years of experience handling domestic violence cases in both family court and criminal court and can apply this experience to your situation.

Understanding Domestic Abuse Crimes in California Family Law

The term “domestic violence” is relatively broad and generally applies to any violence that erupts between members of the same family or household. It’s important to note that an incident of violence can qualify as domestic violence even if the parties involved do not live together, and family relationships are not prerequisites for domestic violence, either. A domestic violence case can pertain to current or former spouses, parents and their children, roommates and housemates, current and former intimate partners, and extended relatives.

California state law outlines different statutes for different types of domestic violence. Some examples of actions that can constitute domestic violence in California include:

  • Physical abuse. Attacking another person and causing physical injury qualifies as assault and battery, but when an incident like this occurs between members of a family or household, the offender faces domestic violence charges.
  • Sexual abuse. Some domestic violence cases involve sexual abuse. A conviction for sex crimes is prosecuted aggressively in California due to the inherently heinous nature of these offenses, particularly those involving children.
  • Stalking and harassment. Stalking is the act of following another person without their knowledge or loitering in or around their property to intimidate them. Harassment often occurs in tandem with stalking and describes repeated unwanted contact with the victim for the purpose of disrupting their life.
  • Strangulation. Choking another person with one’s hands, any cord, or other instrument with the intent of preventing them from breathing is a severe form of domestic violence. An individual who engages in this act may qualify for domestic violence charges and attempted murder.
  • Psychological abuse and intimidation. Domestic violence does not always involve physical contact. Instead, a person can face domestic violence charges for terrorizing and psychologically abusing their family or household members. These experiences often lead to long-term psychological trauma for victims and interfere with their lives in many ways.

These are just a few examples of how domestic violence might occur in the Corona, CA, area. Suppose you believe your recent experience qualifies as domestic violence. In that case, it is vital to report the incident to law enforcement and consult a Corona domestic violence attorney as soon as possible.

Criminal Representation for Corona, CA, Domestic Violence Defense Cases

If you are accused of committing domestic violence, it is easy to feel like the entire system is working against you. Unfortunately, many people face domestic violence charges wrongfully due to false accusations. A common example is a self-defense. The aggressor in a domestic altercation starts a physical conflict and then reports the victim as the instigator. Proving your innocence can seem very difficult in this kind of situation unless you have an experienced Corona domestic violence defense attorney on your side.

When the police respond to a call regarding domestic violence, they have a legal duty to prevent further harm to the victim. This typically means a temporary restraining order against the alleged aggressor. If you are wrongfully accused of domestic violence and forced to leave your home due to this type of restraining order, it is essential to reach out to a defense attorney as soon as possible. They can help you uncover the facts of your situation and help you prevent the severe penalties you would face if convicted.

Potential Penalties for Domestic Violence in Corona, CA

An individual convicted of domestic violence is likely to face a wide range of penalties in sentencing. Depending on the severity of their behavior, they could face a misdemeanor or felony charge leading to incarceration in county jail or state prison, respectively. It’s also possible for the defendant to owe restitution to the victim, and the victim would likely have grounds for a civil action to seek compensation for their damages. Judges handling sentencing for domestic violence cases can also require a defendant to complete various other diversionary and treatment programs based on their unique situations. A defendant’s domestic violence sentence could include:

  • Mandatory drug and alcohol treatment.
  • Mandatory anger management therapy.
  • Compulsory compliance with a stay-away or restraining order.
  • A loss of child custody or visitation rights. This can include an increased child support obligation.
  • Mandatory donation to domestic violence awareness funds.
  • Fines and penalty assessments totaling in the thousands of dollars.
  • Compulsory participation in victim impact panels.

The defendant could also face additional criminal charges based on the severity of their behavior, such as assault, sexual battery, attempted murder, and making terroristic threats. Ultimately, an individual convicted of domestic violence faces several penalties, many of which can influence their life in various ways for years to come.

Victims of domestic violence should work quickly by consulting with the responding officers who arrive at a domestic violence incident scene. These officers can help the victim secure a temporary restraining order, and the victim should next consult a Corona domestic violence lawyer to represent them in family court. Your attorney can help you secure a permanent restraining order with specific provisions designed to protect you and your loved ones from further harm. If your abuser is your current spouse, the Law Offices of Schwartz & Godbey can help you initiate divorce proceedings and ensure your experience is given appropriate consideration in family court.

Individuals accused of domestic violence needs to take advantage of their right to legal counsel immediately after arrest. The US Constitution guarantees legal counsel to any American citizen accused of a crime, even if they are unable or unwilling to pay for a private defense attorney. While opting to have a public defender handle your case for free may seem like a prudent choice, the reality is that a private Corona domestic violence defense attorney can offer a more robust level of legal counsel than what you could expect from even the best public defenders.

Find Your Attorney For Domestic Abuse Today

Domestic violence is a tragic and traumatic experience that can influence your life in many ways. Legal representation and ongoing support from an experienced Corona domestic violence lawyer can be an invaluable resource for any victim of domestic violence. Individuals accused of domestic violence also have the right to defense counsel and must exercise this right when they have been wrongfully accused or if the prosecution seeks an unreasonable level of punishment for their offense.

Whatever your unique case entails, the Law Offices of Schwartz & Godbey can help you navigate the situation with greater confidence. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with an experienced Corona domestic violence attorney and learn more about the legal services we provide for Corona, CA, domestic violence cases.

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